Our Brands


We exist to cultivate the finest flower—and the most inclusive culture. Combining 70+ years of collective experience with newfound genetics and old-school passion to produce flower that exceeds all expectations. The team behind the cultivation of this exceptional flower is made up of true artisans dedicated to their craft. With a focus on sustainability and giving back to our local communities, we celebrate diversity, promote positivity and believe in creating a better world. For all Humankynd.


We believe that extraordinary extracts are only achieved through extraordinary origins. We meticulously blend innovative genetic techniques and our deep-rooted reverence for the plant to harness—and heighten—each strain’s unique and superior characteristics. Using our unparalleled proprietary method to extract the purest, most potent traits while eliminating any unwanted additives. Because only when superior plants, superior talents, and superior techniques come together, can purefection truly happen.

Stix Preroll Co.

Stix Preroll Co. believes that carrying fewer things leads to fuller escapes. We created compact and convenient pre-rolls to fire up on the spot without a second thought. Our premium cannabis is expertly rolled by one of only four industry-leading machines in the world to ensure a super smooth delivery that burns perfectly. No messes. No stresses. No potency guesses. Pick up some STiX and blaze your own trail.


Rooted in simple, delicious, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis infused seltzers & tinctures are the new way to imbibe.Our proprietary process delivers crisp & refreshing cannabis-infused drinks with zero calories and sugar. So you can enjoy a better tasting, better for you, buzz. Enliven your day, chill your nights and raise your spirits — one soul-lifting sip at a time.

Road Tripper

At Road Tripper, we believe that the journey is the destination and good times are just around the corner.  In a frenetic world that too often exceeds the speed limit, Road Tripper offers the perfect off-ramp: high-quality, feel-good flower for those that want to put life in park and just chill.  So, grab your buds and find your highway. Look to the horizon—and wander freely.


We believe that next-level moments don’t just happen—they’re crafted. And that blending the best traits of the plant together makes for a more harmonious experience and a better cartridge. Our expert extractionists use a proprietary extraction method to pick and choose rich terpenes with distinct characteristics. Like the members of your crew, each terpene brings its own unique personality to the mix to create an ensemble of extraordinary that just hits different. So whether you’re at the club or on the couch, Entourage keeps the good times in your back pocket.


Welcome to potent formulations, faster onset, and stronger effects. Created exclusively for passionate consumers who find their happiness in the Haze. Whether you crave live resin or gorgeously golden shatter, HAZE is the ultimate heavy hitter for the hard-core concentrate consumer. Serving up full-throttle, full-spectrum potency in various modalities. Embrace your inner Haze Head and ask for us by flame: the clear choice for those who relish life in the Haze.


Being good all the time can be boring. So we created high-quality confections for fun-loving folks hungry for a wicked good time. Hard candies or gummies? We got you. Our candy makers dish up a wide variety of flavors and terpenes bursting with full-spectrum cannabis oil and decadent ingredients. Each bite-sized dose expertly formulated to bring more fun to your day—and more flavor to your world.  It’s good to be wicked

Secret Orchard

After years of growing, harvesting, and extracting in secrecy, you now hold the key to fruit-forward cannabis of the highest quality. In the Secret Orchard, the sun shines brighter, the air feels fresher, and the bounty bursts with mouthwatering flavor.This is where expert cultivators of the finest confectionaries create cannabis magic: tantalizing and tasty delights that combine the raw power of cannabis with a delicious fruit twist. The secret is out.


Party on your own terms with premium THC and fruity flavors that pack a real punch. Easy “dose” it or go all out! There’s a party in every pour to suit your taste. Infused using NXT technology, Cannapunch tantalizes your taste buds and jumpstarts the good times. So, whether you’re chasing a mellow buzz or ready to tear it up — sip it or slam it and find your fun faster.


We are a family of medical cannabis pioneers with a deep-rooted belief that from humble beginnings come great things. With an innate passion for the beauty and essence of marijuana artistry, we set out to preserve our craft and safeguard its roots from getting Lost In Translation. It’s through this philosophy that we can fulfill our purpose, to deliver unique terpene-rich flavors that will illuminate your mind, body and soul.